Do I need to URL-encode the variables on the GET request?

Yes. User Agent and any metadata values must be URL-encoded on the GET request.

See the Metadata page for more information.

I’m only seeing a few of the same ads every time. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. These are filler ads that allows Millennial Media to see traffic and test to make sure you are able to receive a simple image and text creative.

Once you go live, you will receive ads through our network.

Should I parse Millennial Media’s ad response once I request the ad?

No. If you do parse (deconstruct) Millennial Media’s response and reconstruct it in a different URL, there is a very high likelihood that this will break current as well as future creatives.

What are all of these IDs, and how do I find them?

Server-to-server integration is going to require that you find some IDs and hash them using either MD5 or SHA-1. For more information, please see finding and hashing IDs.

I’m experiencing network connectivity issues during the Ad Request. Any recommendations?

It is recommended to set a socket timeout of 500ms.

I have an internal server in between the handset and the server. How do I locate the public IP address of the device requesting the ad?

You will need to utilize the X_FORWARDED_FOR HTTP Header in order to obtain the Public IP address of the device.

What if I want to use a third party for click tracking?

If you would like to use a third party, please contact us for a list of supported third parties.