Many publishers, developers and networks ask their users to register and provide demographic and psychographic information. You can provide age, gender, zip code or other information that you’ve gathered about your users by simply appending &variable=value to your code.

Types of Available Metadata

In the table below, you’ll see different variables that you are able to pass into the Millennial Media ad infrastructure.

Variable Example
age 23
gender Male
zip 90210
marital Single
income 100000
lat 32.0678
long 101.089

Ad Request Example with Metadata

Below is an example of passing the age, gender, zip and lat/long values from the table to Millennial Media’s endpoint. The metadata is appended to the end of the url as &age=23&gender=male&zip=90210&lat=32.0678&long=101.089.


Please note that any metadata information must be URL-encoded.

Other variables may also be provided. For example, some Publishers have asked their users to provide marital status, annual income, political affiliation, product preferences or other information. Contact us if you’d like to pass along additional information.