Integration Guide - Ant/Eclipse

DEPRECATED: As of SDK 6.0.0, ant/eclipse support is deprecated and planned for removal in Q4 of 2016. Please update to Android Studio as soon as possible.

The Millennial Media Android Ad SDK provides functionality for monetizing your Android applications. With the SDK, you can easily integrate inline, interstitial, and native ads into your application.


  • Android 4.1 and up (API level 16+)
  • Google Play Services
  • Android Support Library v4 23.3.0+
  • Build environment with Java 7
  • Ant/Eclipse based build environment

Setup the SDK for use with your Ant/Eclipse project

  1. Import the unzipped package into Eclipse as an existing Android Code Project.
  2. Select the new MMSDK project and go to the Project Properties.
  3. On the Android panel check off the “Is Library” option.
  4. Clean and Rebuild the MM SDK Project.
  5. Add the new MM SDK Project to your Application’s dependencies on the Android panel of the Project Properties.
  6. Copy the contents of the MM SDK Project’s assets directory into your Application’s assets directory.
  7. Copy all Activity declarations out of the SDK’s AndroidManifest.xml and paste them into your own.
  8. You are now ready to initialize the SDK. Return to the integration guide to finish initialization.