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CustomEventBanner Interface Reference
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interface  CustomEventBannerListener

Public Member Functions

void requestBanner (Context context, CustomEventBannerListener listener, InlineAd.AdSize adSize, Bundle mediationExtras)
void destroy ()
void onPause ()
void onResume ()

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Detailed Description

An interface used to provided banner ads from third party SDKs to the One by AOL SDK.

Member Function Documentation

§ destroy()

void destroy ( )

Called by the SDK when the ad placement is being destroyed. A third party should use this to perform any clean up related to this ad instance

§ onPause()

void onPause ( )

Called by the SDK when the Activity that contains this ad instance is paused.

§ onResume()

void onResume ( )

Called by the SDK when the Activity that contains this ad instance is resumed.

§ requestBanner()

void requestBanner ( Context  context,
CustomEventBannerListener  listener,
InlineAd.AdSize  adSize,
Bundle  mediationExtras 

This method is called when the SDK is requesting a banner ad from a third party. The implementation should request a banner and upon success call the onRequestSucceeded callback with the banner View.

contexta Context instance
listeneran implementation of CustomEventBannerListener. This is used to communicate with the SDK
adSizethe requested com.millennialmedia.InlineAd.AdSize from the placement
mediationExtrasconfiguration data for the third party. The placement id is always mapped using the CustomEvent#PLACEMENT_ID_KEY.

Member Data Documentation



Key to use for obtaining the third party placement identifier from the mediationExtras passed during an ad request.