AdColony Mediation Adapter v1.0.2

Adapter for allowing the Millennial Media SDK to mediate to AdColony for interstitial ads.


  • MM Ad SDK v6.3.1
  • AdColony SDK v2.3.6


  AdColony SDK v2.3.6
MM Ad SDK v6.3.1 AdColony Mediation Adapter v1.0.2


Mediation to the AdColony SDK is handled by the MM Ad SDK and mediation adapter. Integrating application needs to update the AndroidManifest.xml file per the standard integration guide from AdColony.

1. Download the AdColony Ad SDK from the AdColony developer site
2. Within your main activity’s onCreate, make sure to call AdColony.configure(this, clientOptions, appId, zoneIds);
3. Within your activity onPause and onResume methods call into the appropriate static AdColony method for the lifecycle event

For example: AdColony.resume(this)

4. Include the Millennial Media AdColony ad adapter as part of the application’s build.gradle file
dependencies {


The onClicked and onAdLeftApplication notifications are not called for AdColony interstitial ads.


Release Notes

v1.0.2 - May 5, 2016

  • Updated to support AdColony v2.3.3

v1.0.1 - October 21, 2015

  • Added logic to ensure that callbacks to the placement adapter occur off the UI thread for initFailed, displayFailed and showFailed

v1.0.0 - September 15, 2015

  • Initial release of the MM to AdColony mediation adapter