Chartboost Mediation Adapter v2.0.0

Adapter for allowing the Millennial Media SDK to mediate to Chartboost for interstitial ads.


  • MM Ad SDK v6.8.1
  • Chartboost SDK v6.6.1


  Chartboost SDK v6.6.1
MM Ad SDK v6.8.1 Chartboost Mediation Adapter v2.0.0


Integrating the Chartboost Ad SDK for mediation involves the following steps:

1. Download the Chartboost Ad SDK from the Chartboost developers site
2. Include the chartboost.jar file (included in the Chartboost SDK) in your application project
3. Initialize Chartboost in your activity’s onCreate method
Chartboost.startWithAppId(this, “<application id>”, “<application signature”);
4. Within your activity onStart, onPause, onResume, onStop and onDestroy call into the appropriate static Chartboost method for the lifecycle event. For example:
public void onResume() {
5. Within your activity onBackPressed method you must call through to the Chartboost.onBackPressed method. For example:
 public void onBackPressed() {
     // If an interstitial is on screen, close it.
     if (Chartboost.onBackPressed())
6. If using ProGuard, add the Chartboost ProGuard settings
-keep class com.chartboost.** { *; }
7. Include the Millennial Media Chartboost ad adapter as part of the application’s build.gradle file
dependencies {


Release Notes

v2.0.0 - September 20, 2017

  • Updated to support MM SDK v6.6.0. Note that this adapter will not work with previous versions of the MM SDK

v1.0.3 - May 5, 2016

  • Updated to support Chartboost v6.4.0

v1.0.2 - October 21, 2015

  • Added logic to ensure that callbacks to the placement adapter occur off the UI thread for initFailed, displayFailed and showFailed

v1.0.1 - September 15, 2015

  • Updated for SDK 6.1.0 compatibility

v1.0.0 - July 22, 2015

  • Initial release of the MM to Chartboost mediation adapter