Mediation functionality allows publishers to directly integrate one SDK, yet still receive traffic from other SDKs. With mediation, publishers have the most monetization options with the low maintenance overhead.

Mediating to 3rd Parties

As a service to our publisher partners, Millennial Media provides the ability to mediate traffic to a variety of 3rd party ad networks. This service helps publishers better monetize their revenue and grow their business. SDK 6 supports both server-to-server and client-side mediation. For a full list of server-to-server mediation options please contact your Account Manager or our support team. A list of client-side mediation options can be found below.

Mediating to Millennial Media

Millennial Media allows for 3rd party supply-side platforms to mediate to its SDK in order to give publishers access to Millennial Media’s ad network. Please contact your mediator directly to find out if they support the Millennial Media Ad Network.

Millennial Media provides an SDK adapter for developers using AdMob mediation.