Native Types

Native Types are designed to ease integration for publisher partners. Instead of needing to specify every detail of an ad request, publishers are able to request 1-n Native Types, each of which are defined on the server. In addition to easing publisher integrations, the biggest advantage of Native Types is the equilibrium it brings to supply and demand, especially across the exchange. Because ad requests will be standardized to some extent, the likelihood of matching a request to an advertiser’s creative assets is greatly increased.


Asset Type Attribute Definition Advertiser Required Publisher Required
Title Text Text 25 Character Max Yes Yes
Body Text Text 100 Character Max Yes No
Icon Image Image 240x240 px Yes Yes
Main Image Image 1200x627 px Yes No
CTA Button Button 15 Character Max Yes Yes
Rating Text Text 25 Character Max No No
Disclaimer Text 15 Character Max Yes Yes

Facebook Native (facebook)

Display requirements for native ads are available from the Facebook network developer site.