Android Application Server-to-Server Conversion Tracking

Please follow the steps below to implement Android in-app server-to-server conversion tracking.

Note: You must have the required parameters included in the call to implement this form of conversion tracking.

Required Parameters

Parameter Description
App Tracking ID The unique identifier for your campaign goal, used in the goal ID parameter.
Android Advertising ID (AAID) The Android Advertising ID than can be retrieved via Google Play Services. Note: should be sent on Google Play enabled devices running 4.x and up
Hashed Android ID (MMDID) The Android ID, hashed using SHA-1 or MD5. Note: only sent in the case that you are not able to retrieve the AAID
IP Address (UIP) The remote IP address (note: not the local IP address) is the numerical label that is assigned to devices for host identification and location tracking.

Note: Please make sure that these parameters are in the proper format before they are sent and that you only send AAID or MMDID (only if AAID is not available) but not both.

Learn about required fields for Android.

Note: We no longer require a UNIX timestamp, because we are asking that conversions be sent in real time. If you have an issue with sending real-time conversions, please contact your Account Manager or contact us to reach a trained support professional.__

Integration Steps

Step 1: Use an HTTP GET to send conversion tracking data.

Conversion tracking data is sent to using an HTTP GET.




Note: You must replace YOUR_APP_TRACKING_ID with your App Tracking ID, YOUR_AAID or YOUR_MMDID with your AAID or MMDID (whichever one is applicable) and DEVICE_IP_ADDRESS with the UIP.

For example, with App Tracking ID 12345, AAID 75a2344f-5523-45a1-ba82-388ea1e9a4f7 and UIP

Learn about the required parameters and how to properly format them.

Step 2: Check for an API Response.

The Millennial server will return an HTTP response similar to the example below.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: nginx
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 13:35:15 GMT
Content-Length: 0
Connection: close
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

Step 3: Test.

Follow the instructions here to test your Android application to ensure that it’s properly configured for conversion tracking.

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