iOS Testing for In-App Server-to-Server Conversion Tracking

Step 1: Contact your Account Manager or contact us to say you are ready for testing.

Be sure to clear browser cookies before completing Step 1.

We will set you up a test campaign, test ACID and test APID in a test ad URL. You will need to retrieve your test device’s Hashed Advertising Identifier (IDFA) for iOS versions 6+.

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The link will look like the one below.


Replace YOUR_ACID with the ACID and YOUR_APID with the APID we have provided you for testing. Replace YOUR_IDFA_OR_WifiMacAddress with the IDFA or WifI MAC Address that you entered into the HDID parameter.

Step 2: Load and click the test ad.

Put the URL provided into a browser, and you should see a banner ad. Click on the banner ad.

The delivered ad, when clicked, will make a “handleClick” http request to our ad servers for us to record the click’s data.

Note: You must click on the ad in order to complete Step 2.

Step 3: Download and launch the application to simulate a conversion event, and notify your Account Manager or notify us.

To simulate a conversion, go download your application on the test device and launch the app. If you have already implemented conversion tracking, our SDK should send us a launch event.

Contact your Account Manager or contact us and please include the following information in the correspodence so we can check whether the conversion has been registered.

  • App Tracking ID.
  • IDFA or WiFi MAC Address (in the HDID parameter).
  • Time of Test.

We will confirm that the information has been passed and that the data matches correctly. We should notify you within 4 hours.

For More Information

If you have any questions during the testing process or want to test a different kind of conversion tracking, please contact us to reach a trained support professional.