Google Mobile Ads Mediation Adapter

Millennial Media provides a Google Mobile Ads mediation adapter for developers using AdMob. For other mediation solutions please contact the mediator directly.

Please note that the adapter is only compatible with Millennial SDK version 6.1.0 and higher.

Click here to download the Google Mobile Ads mediation adapter.

Adapter Integration Guide

This integration guide assumes that you have already integrated the Google Mobile Ads SDK into your app project. You will need both a placement ID from Millennial and an ad unit ID from AdMob.

1. Integrate the MillennialMedia framework with your project.

Follow the instructions in steps 1-6 of the integration guide. Configuration information such as COPPA and location settings are controlled via Google Ads.

2. Add the Millennial adapter

Add the contents of the adapter to your project. You will need to ensure that your project links against the libGoogleAdMMAdapter.a library in your project’s Build Phases > Link Binary With Libraries.

3. Configure SDK-level settings (optional)

You may configure any SDK-level settings in your UIApplicationDelegate’s application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method. See class documentation for full details on which settings are available.

4. Add the Millennial Media network as an ad source on AdMob

You should add One by AOL (Millennial Media) as a supported mediation ad source for each placement. AdMob will provide you with ad unit IDs for each banner or interstitial placement, which are now ready to request and display Millennial ads based on your mediation settings.

Using One by AOL (Nexage)

If you are a Nexage account holder or were provided a Site ID by your account manager, an addition to the Info.plist is required. Add an MMSiteID entry as shown here:


Supported Metadata

The Millennial SDK supports the following metadata that can be sent through the Google Ads connector:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Keywords
  • Location
  • COPPA (i.e tagForChildDirectedTreatment)

See the AdMob documentation for more details.