Google Mobile Ads SDK Mediation Adapter v1.0.2

Adapter for allowing the Millennial Media SDK to mediate to Google Ads SDK for inline and interstitial ads.


  • MM Ad SDK v6.4.0
  • Google Ads SDK v7.19.0


  Google Ads SDK v7.19.0
MM Ad SDK v6.4.0 Google Mediation Adapter v1.0.3


Mediation to the Google Ads SDK is handled by the MM Ad SDK and mediation adapter. Integrating application needs to add the appropriate frameworks per the standard integration guide from Google.

1. Download the Google Ad SDK from the Google developers site.
2. Integrate the Google Ad SDK and MM Ad SDK according to their respective integration guides and include libMMAdMobAdapter.a


Release Notes

v1.0.3 - April 11, 2017

  • Fix for using site ID for the placement ID

v1.0.2 - September 21, 2016

  • Fix for using site ID for the placement ID

v1.0.1 - May 5, 2016

  • Updated to support Google Mobile Ads v7.7.0

v1.0.0 - September 18, 2015

  • Initial release of the MM to Google mediation adapter