Line Item Setup for DFP


To use Super Auction with DFP as your primary SDK, you’ll need to:

1. Add your Site ID to your app

Ensure your app’s Site ID (DCN) - found in your ONE by AOL: Mobile console - is hardcoded to your MM SDK integration in step 3 in Android and step 7 of iOS.

2. Setup creative in DFP

In the DFP console, create an SDK Mediation creative.

3. Setup line items in DFP

Setup an order with line items in DFP that correspond with the value of the incoming Super Auction demand. This is done via key-value targeting.

  • After receiving the bid price via Super Auction’s requestBid API, pass this bid price as a CustomTargeting parameter to DFP. You will need to target this bid price with a line item that is set at the same amount as the bid price.
  • If you had 1 line item for every bid at penny increments (i.e. $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, etc.), you’d need 1,000 line items just to account for bids from $1 to $10. That level of granularity would give the most accurate representation of the bids, but it is unwieldy.
  • Instead, publishers typically use price buckets in varying granularity for the price ranges that matter. For example, interstitial ad placements may earn you $4.50 eCPM on average. You could group bids in 10 cent increments from $3-$4 so that bids of $3.04 or $3.06 would be rounded down into a single price bucket of $3.00. Then you could use 5 cent increments for the more important $4-$5 range for increased accuracy. In that case, a $4.04 bid would be rounded down to the $4.00 price bucket, and a $4.06 bid would be rounded down to the $4.05 price bucket.

4. Associate the line items to the creative and ad unit

First, add a new creative for One by AOL (Nexage) using your site ID and Super Auction placement ID.


For each price bucket that you would like to use, create a new line item in the DFP ad server. Set the Type of the line item to Price priority, and give it priority 12. Set the Rate to match the lowest value in the price bucket for the line item. Change the Display Creatives setting to One or More and Rotate Creatives Evenly. Under targeting, target the ad unit you are using in your app and the key values that are to be associated with the line item (in the example below, we are only targeting our $2.00 test bid).



Finally, for each line item, associate the creative that you set up earlier in the process. Note that because your line items are tied to your Super Auction placement ID, each Super Auction placement must have its own DFP ad unit, SDK mediation creative, and set of line items.