Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Placement ID?

A Placement Identifier an ID given to you by Millennial Media. This unique identifier tells us which application is calling for ads, and allows us to keep track of your revenue and advertising statistics in the Millennial Media portal.

I’m currently using an older version of the Millennial Media SDK and I don’t have a placement ID.

If you are using an older version of the Millennial Media SDK and you have APIDs, you can use those same APIDs as placement IDs in SDK 6.

I’m currently using the Nexage SDK and I don’t have a placement ID.

If you have a DCN and position ID you can use them with the Millennial Media Ad SDK. Simply set your DCN as the Site ID on the AppInfo object and pass your position ID as the placement ID to the placement instance.

I’m currently using both a prior version the Millennial Media Ad SDK and the Nexage SDK. Does this version of the Millennial Media Ad SDK replace both SDKs?

Yes, please contact your Account Manager to consolidate your accounts.

I am currently using an older version of the Millennial Media and/or Nexage Ad SDKs. Why should I upgrade?

The new SDK provides improved functionality and allows for better, more interactive ad formats. These new ad formats provide more monetization opportunities and potentially higher eCPM along with better user experiences.

How do I pass location data in SDK 6? Is it required?

The Millennial Media SDK will never cause users to be prompted for location. Instead, it is up to the publisher to do this at the appropriate time. Once the app has location permissions, the Millennial Media Ad SDK will automatically send location data on the publisher’s behalf. The SDK does this to ensure users receive the best quality ads and that publishers get the highest possible eCPM. It is not required and you may choose to disable this using the MMSDK.setLocationEnabled method.

Are Inline, Interstitial, and Native Placement IDs interchangeable?

No, a placement ID for one type of ad placement will not necessarily work for another type of ad placement. It is important that you use the correct ID for each ad placement.

Where can I get more information on using a third party ad networks within the Millennial Media Ad SDK?

More information on mediating to third parties can be found in our documentation on mediation.

I am using ProGuard with my Android application, what should I do to ensure my Millennial ads still work?

To make sure you still receive ads while using ProGuard, add the following snippet to your proguard.cfg file:

-keepclassmembers class com.millennialmedia** {
public *;
-keep class com.millennialmedia**

I am building for the Amazon app store, do I still need to build with Google Play Services?

Yes, there won’t be an impact to the app but Google Play Services is still a requirement.