Mobile Web Server-to-Server Conversion Tracking

This section will cover how to perform Server-to-Server conversion tracking for the mobile web by passing conversion data directly from your server using our API.

Required Parameters

Parameter Description
Tracking ID The unique identifier for your campaign goal, used in the goal ID parameter.
Unique Request Identifier (URID) The unique identifier that is required to link user interactions.

Note: We no longer require a UNIX timestamp, because we are asking that conversions be sent in real time. If you have an issue with sending real-time conversions, please contact your Account Manager or contact us to reach a trained support professional.

For more on these and other parameters, please see the Glossary.

Step 1: Request a Tracking ID from Millennial Media.

Request a Tracking ID yourself in mMedia by following the steps here.

Not using our self-serve tool at for your advertising needs? Contact your Account Manager or contact us for more information on how to obtain a Tracking ID.

Step 2: Adding the URID macro to the click URL.

In order to send the URID on the conversion call, you will first need to add the following macro to end of the click URL:


This will provide your server with the URID when there is a click event. Here’s an example of a click URL with the macro included:[:_jv_urid:]

Note: You may replace the variable “REQUEST_ID” with any name of your choosing, but you will need to use the value of this variable to formulate the conversion call.

Step 3: Retrieve the URID.

The URID is the value we send with the click to identify the request, it will be represented as the variable you selected above (i.e. REQUEST_ID). When a successful conversion event occurs, you will need to make a server-to-server call with the URID value that your server recieved along with the Tracking ID.

Learn more about how to find the URID for ASP, JavaScript, JSP, PERL, php, Ruby and

Step 4: Send a conversion request including the Tracking ID and the URID.

Conversion tracking data is sent to using an HTTP GET with parameters that include the required information:


Please replace YOUR_TRACKING_ID with your Tracking ID, and the URID with the URID provided to your server on the click (see step 2 for more details).

For example, if your Tracking ID is 12345 and the URID from the click is SAhCht3bQKPGd-z7ZvtYWW-i, then the call to our API would be as follows:


Note: Following the example in Step 2, a click call would be sent to you using the variable of your choice (example 2 we set it as: REQUEST_ID) set to SAhCht3bQKPGd-z7ZvtYWW-i. This is the URID that you need to pass in the conversion call in the URID paramater.

Step 5: Check for an HTTP response.

The Millennial server will return an HTTP response similar to the example below.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: nginx
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 13:35:15 GMT
Content-Length: 0
Connection: close
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

For More Information

Need help setting up mobile web conversion tracking, or have any further questions? Please contact your Account Manager or contact us to reach one of our trained support professionals.