In-App Conversion Tracking

Thinking about using our SDK for conversion tracking within your application? Simply embed our SDK library into your application and add our conversion tracking code to the list of activities your app performs upon launch. When a user launches your application, the conversion tracking code will automatically report the event to us so that we can report conversions.

Step 1: Request an App Tracking ID from Millennial Media.

Request an App Tracking ID yourself in mMedia by following the steps here.

Not using our self-serve tool at for your advertising needs? Contact your Account Manager or contact us for more information on how to obtain an App Tracking ID.

Step 2: Choose Your Operating System.

Follow the integration instructions for the SDK located here:

Android SDK iOS SDK

Other Forms of In-App Conversion Tracking

Interested in other in-app conversion tracking options? If you are looking for a more lightweight option that’s optimized for advertisers, then we offer slim classes for Android and iOS that you can add to your applications. These App Tracking SDKs for Android and iOS replace the Advertiser SDKs starting with Android and iOS version 5.0.

Please contact your Account Manager or contact us to reach a trained support professional for more information.