Android Conversion Tracking

Step 1: Download and integrate the SDK.

Follow the steps in the Android SDK Documentation to download and integrate the SDK into your app.

Step 2: Implement conversion tracking.

Add the conversion tracking code to your Application or Activity onCreate method using your App Tracking ID.

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
    MMSDK.trackConversion(this, YOUR_APP_TRACKING_ID);

You must replace YOUR_APP_TRACKING_ID with the App Tracking ID given to you by your Account Manager or when you registered on mMedia.

Note: The App Tracking ID is used as the Goal ID parameter.

Don’t have an App Tracking ID? Do one of the following:

Step 3: Test

Start up your application and check your logs. Once conversion tracking is implemented, you will see a debug message similar to the one below.

03-12 10:04:37.375 25121 25513 I MillennialMediaSDK: "Successful conversion tracking event: <CONVERSION URL>"

Once you see that response, it means that you are ready for conversion tracking!

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