Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does conversion tracking cost?

One of the great benefits to conversion tracking is that you only have to pay when you reach your goal! You set a price per goal (e.g., each app install, each completed web form, etc.) either on using our self-serve tool or by contacting your Account Manager for full-serve campaigns.

Don’t have an Account Manager? Contact us to reach a trained support professional. We’d love to meet you and serve all of your mobile advertising needs.

What’s the difference between using the SDK and Server-to-Server implementation?

With the SDK, you can ensure yourself the best chance of accurate conversion tracking because your data will sync up correctly with ours. Using an SDK will also simplify the conversion tracking process for you with less code to write and test.

With Server-to-server implementation, your server will be making a call to our server to send over the data we need to track conversions from your app or mobile website.

Can I implement in-app conversion tracking without using the full SDK?

While we always recommend implementing our full SDK to your application, if you’d like a lighter framework then we do offer an alternative. We have created App Tracking SDKs for Android and iOS, more lightweight SDKs that focus on advertiser needs.

Is there an SDK for mobile web conversion tracking?

Currently, the only way to integrate mobile websites into our platform is by server-to-server integration.

What if I want to use a third party?

If you’d prefer to send your data through a third party, we offer server-to-server integration as well. If you choose this route, our documentation for in-app server-to-server conversion tracking is located here.

If you would like to set up third parties or would like to learn more about about server-to-server conversion tracking, please contact your Account Manager or contact us to reach a trained support professional for further instructions.

How can I get an App Tracking ID?

You will need an App Tracking ID for any in-app conversion tracking. Go to to set one up by following these instructions, or contact us to get an App Tracking ID from one of our Account Managers.

How can I get a Tracking ID?

You will need a Tracking ID for mobile web conversion tracking. To get a Tracking ID, you’ll need to register for a free account in mMedia.

Once you have registered, you may request a Tracking ID yourself in mMedia by following the steps here.

If you are not using for your advertising needs, contact your Account Manager or contact us to hear from a trained support professional.

I’m testing and it’s not working. What’s happening?

Don’t see conversions showing up in your device logs? Contacty our Account Manager or contact us to let us know. It will usually take at least three hours before a conversion event will show up in your log.

If you want to learn about how to view your device logs, check out Viewing Device Logs in the References section.

I don’t really understand what conversion tracking is. Where can I learn more?

Want a quick refresher on conversion tracking, or is this all new to you? Go here for a tutorial we’ve put together with some background on conversion tracking and how it can benefit you.