What is an APID?

An Ad Placement Identifier (APID) is a placement id number given to you by Millennial Media. This unique identifier tells us which site is calling for ads, and allows us to keep track of your revenue and advertising statistics in the mMedia portal.

Where can I get an APID?

Visit mMedia.com to create an account, register your site, and recieve an APID.

Why is my site not showing any ads?

It takes some time to activate an APID in our system, so you may not see ads right away. If you are still not seeing ads after 2 hours, please contact us for more help.

Why is allowing location information to be passed on the placeAd call so important? Is it required?

Passing the location object is important because it allows us to deliver targeted and contextually relevant ads to your users. While it is not required, better targeting often results in higher conversions and higher eCPMs.

Is it possible for my site to contain multiple APIDs?

Yes, sites often have multiple APIDs when displaying multiple ads. Each ad placement will have its own APID associated with it.

Do I need to update the Javascript Ad Library to get the latest version?

No, the Javascript Ad Library will automatically stay up-to-date with the latest version on your site. Backwards compatability will be maintained in future versions.

Does the Javascript Ad Tag support DFP mediation integration?

Yes, click here for integration instructions.

What if I am using jQuery? Will things break?

No, the Javascript Ad Tag is compatible with sites using jQuery.

Does the Javascript Ad Tag work with all browsers?

The Javascript Ad Tag has been designed and tested on Chrome, Safari, and the Native Android Browser.

What information does Millennial Media store on the client’s machine?

Millennial Media utilizes the clients local storage in order to optimize performance and deliver a targeted ad experience.

Do z-indexes matter when integrating the Javascript Ad Tag?

Yes, in order for the ad container to function properly, use z-indexes of less than 2147482645 on your site. Higher z-indexes may result in unexpected behavior in an ad.

Can I put the ad container within an iframe?

Yes, but there are certain conventions that must be followed in order for the ad to function correctly. Please see IFrame Integration for details.